The AirROS by SAGE is an innovative air and purification system designed to protect your cannabis crop from pathogens without having to use chemicals. The result? You maximize your crop yield!

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* Special not applicable with other promotions.

Another satisfied Cultivator “Great experience with the staff on my recent order with the AirRos 4004CS purifier. Michael in sales helped me find the right purifier for my room that would adequately work with the cubic feet area I needed to purify. I received my order in less time than I expected.

Charles ,in tech support ,has been greatly helpful in where and how to install the unit. He has been quick to respond to any calls I have needed to help me through any questions I have had.

The unit that I bought has really made a difference in the growth of my plants and overall atmosphere of the room.

Great customer service and great equipment.”

“For the first time in many years, I can honestly say I see no PM at all. I have not sprayed potions (despite Charles telling me to continue spraying…which I probably will). I have not done anything except fans, AirROS, and temperature/ humidity control. I have also noticed a complete absence of all fungus gnats.” – Back To Roots 

Dan, found of Back To Roots decided to email us his experience using AirROS units. Click the button below to read his full email.

AirROS review

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