Cannabis Remediation Machines: How They Work and the Pros and Cons

Marijuana is becoming more and more popular across the United States, and with that comes the need for proper cannabis remediation. There are many different ways to clean cannabis, but one of the most popular methods is using a cannabis remediation machine. These machines work by removing all traces of contaminants from the marijuana buds. However, they come with both pros and cons that must be considered before deciding whether to use them. This blog post will discuss how cannabis remediation machines work and the pros and cons of using them in cannabis facilities!

What Are Remediation Machines?

Remediation machines are devices that work to remove all traces of mold, pathogens, and bacteria from cannabis leaves and buds. They work by using various methods to cleanse the product, including but not limited to vacuuming, steam cleaning, UV light, ozone shock, and radiation sanitizing that can remove up to 99.99% of all mold (powdery mildew, aspergillus) and more!

Pros of Using Remediation Machines For Cannabis

There are many pros to using cannabis remediation machines, including:

  • It’s effective at removing all traces of mold, including powdery mildew and aspergillus, from cannabis leaves and buds.
  • It saves time by reducing the need for manual cleaning methods.
  • It does help improve the quality of cannabis products by ensuring that they are free of mold.
  • They can help create a safer work environment for cannabis employees by reducing the risk of exposure to harmful contaminants.
  • Remediation can help pass microbial state testing.

Cons of Using Remediation Machines For Cannabis

There are also some potential cons to using cannabis remediation machines, including:

  • The remediation can be expensive, so cannabis facilities must weigh the cost vs. the benefits.
  • The machines require high electricity, so they may not be practical for all cannabis facilities when managing multiple grow rooms.
  • The remediation machines can be noisy, so cannabis employees may need to wear earplugs while they are in use.
  • Depending on what type of technology, it can affect the flavor, potency and terpenes of the buds.
  • They can’t prevent mold, powdery mildew, or aspergillus 24/7 in cannabis facilities.
  • They can’t prevent outbreaks and cross-contamination.

Cannabis Remediation Machines

Overall, cannabis remediation machines can be a great asset to cannabis facilities. They are effective at removing contaminants and can save time in the long run. However, they also have some potential drawbacks that must be considered before deciding on whether or not to use them. Cannabis remediation machines can be expensive when managing multiple grow rooms in a cannabis facility. The biggest drawback of cannabis remediation machines is that they can’t protect your grow rooms 24/7 from mold, including powdery mildew and aspergillus. This is one of the critical things you need to prevent any outbreaks before harvest. This is why we would recommend the AirROS commercial air & surface purification system. AirROS can purify the air, sanitize surfaces safely and provide odor control 24/7 while people and plants are present in the grow rooms.

Alternative to having to do Remediation

Keeping the environment clean during the growing process can eliminate the need to perform remediation at all. Utilizing good SOP (standard operating procedures), PPE, and sanitation throughout the growing process will produce clean product. Of course our suggestion is using the AirROS Commercial Air & Surface purification as part of the process to ensure clean surface and clean air.

How Does AirROS Commercial Air & Surface Purification Systems Work

AirROS is a commercial air and surface purification system that can prevent pathogens, mold, viruses, yeast, and bacteria, reduce cross-contamination, and eliminate cannabis odor. AirROS purifiers utilize and create ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). First, it kills pathogens and aroma/odor as it passes through the air purifier. In addition, it sanitizes the air that comes out of the cleaner, enters the environment, and continues to sanitize all surfaces it contacts. Here is the 2 stage process:

Air Disinfection for botrytis in cannabis

Phase 1- Primary Air Cleaning

Placed within your room’s airflow, air from the environment containing microorganisms enters the purifier’s internal chamber. Therefore, the reaction chamber creates non-thermal plasma and generates ROSROS is comprised of 5 short-lived, highly Reactive Oxygen Species:

  • Atomic oxygen O(3P)
  • Singlet oxygen 1O2
  • Hydroxyl radical .OH
  • Superoxide O2-
  • Peroxynitrite ONOO-

These break down carbon-to-carbon bonds that sanitize the air and destroy all bacteria, molds, viruses, and other pathogens as they pass through the reaction chamber.

Phase 2- Secondary Surface & Air Cleaning

Provides Surface sanitation and continued Air sanitation. The purified air now diffused into the environment contains longer lived Reactive Oxygen Species:

  • Gas-phased H2O(GpHP) or dry hydrogen peroxide
  • Low concentration levels of O3 ozone

These combine and create Hydrogen Trioxide (H2O3) an Active Antimicrobial formed through the peroxone process. This H2O3 is very effective at sanitizing the surfaces and air 24/7.

ROS with H2O3 further sanitizes the room air and surfaces that are a long-distance from the purifier. This commercial air purifier technology is the only one that can provide odor control, long-distance surface treatment, and purify the air all at once. Amazing right? To learn more, watch this video below!

I hope this blog post helped you learn about cannabis remediation machines and how it is best to stop the problem before requiring remediation is the best solution! Now that you know how to protect your grow rooms from mold 24/7, this is the opportunity to take your cannabis facility from good to great with AirROS systems. Contact one of our specialists today, and they’ll be more than happy to diagnose your grow rooms and give some advice on how best to protect them with AirROS commercial air and surface purification systems!


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