Commercial Growers: What You Should Know Before Buying an Air Purifier

Air quality is one of the most overlooked aspects of indoor cannabis grow. The environment of the cannabis grow rooms plays a large part in how plants function. Pathogenic molds, powdery mildew and fungi can easily infect an indoor grow room by simply transmitting through the air. It can affect the growth and final yield as well as the spread of disease, mold, and mildew which can harm healthy plants and can destroy an entire crop in a short period of time. Some of these spores can be easily overlooked in new indoor grow rooms because they’re invisible to the naked eye. Once the plants are in contact with microbes, it can take serious work to eliminate the issue entirely. As with most problems in an indoor grow, PREVENTION is key.


Many cultivators in large companies are discovering that cross-contamination is a huge risk no matter how careful they are. Cross-contamination refers to the presence of Microorganisms that have been transported from one origin to another through a transporter (like air). It can occur as early as the pre-harvest stage all the way through to harvest and finished product.

Air purifiers are a popular choice for commercial cannabis growers. They help you improve air quality and reduce potential contaminants including powdery mildew, which can be harmful to plants. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of air purification in a grow room and provide some tips on how to choose the right air purifier for your needs.

Air Purifiers inside a commercial cannabis facility are an important part of a successful air quality management strategy. The air inside cannabis facilities can get dirty quickly. The air quality is at risk from various contaminants including powdery mildew, mold, and bacteria which can be harmful to plants if left unchecked. Here are some benefits you will get from air purifiers that are in the cannabis grow rooms.

  • Grow stronger, healthier plants. 
  • Stimulate faster genetic development.
  • Keep your facility safe and secure from viruses, pathogens, and powdery mildew.
  • Increase the quality of air in your grow space with this effective purifier.
  • Help pass cannabis state testing for pathogens.
  • Respiratory problems are common in cannabis growers. Air purifiers can help reduce the risk of respiratory irritation and allergies by removing dust, pollen, and other particulates from the air.
  • Air quality is important for people that work inside a commercial grow facility like cannabis cultivators or trimmers because they breathe in potentially dangerous particles every day. 
  • Air purifiers help to reduce the level and odors from pathogens including powdery mildew, which is harmful to cannabis plants.
  • Reduce cross-contamination from pathogens such as powdery mildew.
  • Make your customers feel comfortable and safe.
  • Eliminate the risk of mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.

When choosing your air purifier for your commercial cannabis grow room or facility, it’s important that you start with what contaminant(s) are present in your space. You then need to consider what kind of contaminants may be airborne if you’re using volatile organic compounds (VOC). Here is a video we made that shares what to look for when purchasing an air purifier for your cannabis grow room.


If you are dealing with pathogenic molds including powdery mildew and cross-contamination or want to reduce any molds, viruses, or bacteria we have your SOLUTION.

AirROS 3-in-1 Purifier will REDUCE your COSTS, eliminate ODOR and HELP your YIELDS because you’ll:

  1. Eliminate using charcoal-activated carbon filters.
  2. Eliminate using chemicals or spraying.
  3. Reduce labor costs. No need to pay someone to spray for microbial protection.

AirROS can increase your PROFITS by:

✅Reducing the loss of more plants.

✅More finished product to sell bypassing testing.

✅Less waste due to failing lab tests.

✅Potential remediation for previously failed test.

✅Increase your inventory of saved plants and sell more to your customers.

AirROS by Sage Industrial (Made in USA ) Surface & Air purifiers create and utilize ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) which ORGANICALLY will Destroy, Purify and Defend against bacteria, molds (BOTRYTIS, POWDERY MILDEW) and other pathogens, reduces Cross-Contamination and Eliminates/Neutralizes ODOR without using any consumable chemicals whatsoever.

AirROS 3-in-1 Purifier will REDUCE your COSTS, eliminate ODOR, and PROTECT your YIELDS for more info on AirROS SURFACE & Air Purifiers, you can schedule a call here or grab our free Cannabis white paper by Clicking Here.



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