Unlock The Secret To A Mold-Free, Odorless, And Compliant Cannabis Grow With AirROS By SAGE Industrial

Commercial Air & Surface Purification Solutions for Cannabis Grow Rooms & Greenhouses

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Our GroShield™ Models

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GroShield Series

Looking for a reliable way to keep your small commercial grow space clean and free of mold? Look no further than the 40XX air and surface purification system. This unit is designed to be highly effective in preventing and reducing the growth of mold, including powdery mildew, aspergillus, and botrytis. In addition, it also offers excellent odor control, making it the perfect choice for any small cultivation environment.

16w x 12h x 7d inches.

Mounting Weight:
10.85 – 14.25 lbs

Sound Level:
74-82 dB

120VAC 1PH 60Hz
Amp Range:

0.350 – 0.905A
Watt range:
42 – 108.6 watts

Clone: 1,250 – 7,500 Cft
Mother/Veg/Cure: 625 – 3,750 Cft
Trim: 500 – 3,000 Cft
Flower: 417 – 2,500 Cft
Cure/Dry: 357 – 2,143 Cft
Dry High Density: 179 – 1,071 Cft

Need Help Picking The Best Model For You?

GroShield Pro Series

GroShield Pro Series. Introducing The 40YY, the most advanced purification system for small to medium size cannabis facilities. This helps commercial cannabis facilities prevent pathogens and reduces mold (Powdery Mildew, Aspergillus, Botrytis) and other fungus. But that’s not all this powerful machine can do. The 40YY utilizes ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) to replace the cannabis odor with a sanitized clean smell, making it ideal for use in any cannabis environments.

24w x 17h x 9d inches

Mounting Weight:
32.35 – 37.95 lbs

Sound Level:
74-77 dB

120VAC 1PH 60Hz
Amp Range:

0.642 – 1.465A
Watt Range:
120VAC 1PH 60H2 77.04 – 175.8 watts


Clone: 11000 – 37,000 Cft
Mother/Veg/Cure: 5,500 – 18,500 Cft
Trim: 4,400 – 14,800 Cft
Flower: 3667 – 12,333 Cft
Cure/Dry: 3,143 – 10,571 Cft
Dry High Density: 1,571 – 5,286 Cft

Need Help Picking The Best Model For You?

GroShield Pro XL Series

GroShield Pro XL Series. Looking for a powerful and reliable commercial air and surface purification system for your medium to large commercial cannabis operation? Look no further than The 40ZZ! This system is effective at protecting hundreds of cannabis plants in a single room. It can prevent and reduce loss of crops due to mold and fungus, plus dramatically reduces odor. This will not only save you money, but also increase your inventory of top-quality buds. Don’t miss out on this essential piece of equipment!

34w x 17h x 9d inches

Mounting Weight:
47.65 – 57.05 lbs

Sound Level:
60-85 dB

120VAC 1PH 60Hz
Amp Range:
0.642 – 1.668A
Watt Range: 
120VAC 1PH 60H2 77.04 – 200.2 watts


Clone: 22,000 – 50,000 Cft
Mother/Veg/Cure: 11,000 – 25,000 Cft
Trim: 8,800 – 20,000 Cft
Flower:  7,333 – 16,667 Cft
Cure/Dry: 6,286 – 14,286 Cft
Dry High Density: 3,143 – 7,143 Cft

Need Help Picking The Best Model For You?

Gro Shield Titan Series

Gro Shield Titan Series. Introducing The 4120, our largest and most powerful commercial air and surface purification system yet! Designed for serious cultivators only who don’t want to risk losing hundreds to thousands of cannabis plants to mold, Powdery Mildew, Aspergillus, Botrytis and other fungus, this unit also provides unbeatable odor control. With an impressive sanitization coverage for large greenhouses and large facilities with ultra low energy usage, The 4120 is your best bet for keeping cannabis cultivation safe and smelling clean.

41.5w X 14h x 12d inches

Mounting Weight:
76.6 lbs

Sound Level:
60-62 dB

120VAC 1PH 60Hz
Amp Range:
0.560 – 3.410A
Watt Range: 
120VAC 1PH 60H2 67.2 – 409.2


Clone: 120,000 Cft
Mother/Veg/Cure: 60,000 Cft
Trim: 48,000 Cft
Flower: 40,000 Cft
Cure/Dry: 34,286 Cft
Dry High Density: 17,143 Cft

Our GroShield™ Controllers & Sensors

4000CSIInternal Controller with Sensor and Solid cover

4000CSITInternal Controller with Sensor and Transparent cover

4000CITInternal Controller with Transparent cover.
R = Remote Sensor Ready

4000CI2Internal Controller without Sensor, Solid cover.
R = Remote Sensor Ready
2 = secondary controller

4000SRemote Sensor

Handheld Sensor KitMeasure ROS throughout multiple locations independently of the controllers.

RS485X-BOXConnect AirROS system to your controller/PLC for live analysis and reporting


935 Sensor KitWet environment remote sensor.

AirROS Systems Integrate With The Following Brands:

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We still encourage growers to continue with their SOP’s and BEST practices, combined with our system, for a comprehensive approach to protecting their sensitive and premium-priced commodity. But many growers that have been using our industrial use/commercial grade purifiers throughout their entire facility (in all their grow and processing rooms) tell us we are so effective at microbial and odor control that they’re no longer spraying fungicide or using chemicals to help combat PM, Botrytis, Aspergillus, etc. They also say they can pass testing on even the most sensitive strains of plants.

Yes, absolutely! Our energy-efficient Surface and Air purifier create and utilize ROS (reactive oxygen species) which can reduce powdery mildew in a grow room and from cross-contamination to other plants. 

Thank you for your inquiry. Great question! Although our purifiers are industrial use/commercial grade purifiers for large facilities, we have many small growers that use our product with great success. A single unit (depending on the model) is designed to treat/sanitize growing, drying, and processing rooms or greenhouses ranging from a small 500 cubic feet (Ft3) room to 120,000ft3 room/environment. Our smallest unit however is our 40XX SERIES/Model 4002CS purifier. It will treat/sanitize a room ranging from 500 cubic feet (Ft3) to 2,500Ft3.

We treat/sanitize air and surfaces and eliminate/neutralize odor and airborne terpenes or VOCs in the air only. ROS (H2O3) diffusion does not penetrate the plant, flower, or soil. Again, we provide topical/surface treatment only. Many customers have done extensive testing and have seen no effects whatsoever on terpenes, flavor profiles, or potency. ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) is 100% natural, organic and within minutes reverts back to O2-oxygen and H2O-water. 

Our purifiers create and utilize ROS (reactive oxygen species). Ozone is one of 7 highly reactive oxygen species and we operate at very low ozone levels of only 30 parts per billion(0.030ppm) safe for people and living plants at every stage of growth cycle…the rest of the ROS are singlet oxygen, alpha oxygen, hydroxyl radical, superoxide, and hydrogen peroxide). We also emit/diffuse a combination of gas-phase Hydrogen peroxide- H2O2 and low concentration levels of Ozone-O3 which combined create a natural/organic anti-microbial Hydrogen trioxide-H2O3 aka Trioxidane which destroys mold spores at the source of contamination.  

Our Purifiers are advanced and they use ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) to clean surfaces and air. We also replace the need for charcoal/carbon activated filters. As soon as you plug it in, within minutes you’ll notice a clean smell inside your grow room. The Purifier destroys airborne pathogens as they travel through the reaction chamber AND emits gas phase hydrogen peroxide-H2O2 and low concentration levels of ozone-O3 (only 30ppb) which combine and create a natural/organic anti-microbial called Hydrogen Trioxide-H2O3 aka Trioxidane. The Purifiers are equipped with a sensor that monitors the environment of your grow room 24/7. It is smart and dynamic and it checks the ROS levels in the room every couple of minutes. The sensor will turn on stages (there are multiple) to maintain a desired 30ppb set point level in the environment.

Yes, there are only 3 maintenance parts: filter, internal reaction chamber, and sensor. Filters are recommended to be changed every 3-6 months. For reaction chamber and sensor would be recommended 6-12 months depending on the environment. This makes the system brand new again. Our parts are all recyclable to keep green.


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