Primitiv Group & AirROS Partnership: Revolutionizing Pathogen-Free Cannabis Cultivation

In a groundbreaking partnership, Primitiv Group, a leader in the cannabis industry, and AirROS by SAGE Industrial, a pioneer in surface and air purification, have achieved eighteen “none detected” lab results for yeast and mold in cannabis. This milestone serves as a compelling case for why AirROS systems are indispensable for any cannabis company serious about preventing pathogens in indoor cultivation. Co-founded in 2021 by Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims, Primitiv Group is committed to advancing cannabis as a form of elevated wellness, while AirROS by SAGE Industrial employs cutting-edge Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) technology to eliminate environmental pathogens, including molds and yeasts. Let’s delve into how this partnership is revolutionizing pathogen-free cannabis cultivation.

This blog post will take you on a journey through the groundbreaking partnership between Primitiv Group and AirROS by SAGE Industrial, shedding light on how their collaboration is transforming the landscape of indoor cannabis cultivation. Buckle up and let’s explore how these two industry leaders are setting new standards for quality, safety, and innovation.

Primitiv Group & AirROS Partnership

About Primitiv Group

First things first, let’s get acquainted with Primitiv Group. Founded in 2021 by none other than Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims, Primitiv Group is not your average cannabis company. With a mission to advance cannabis as a form of elevated wellness, Primitiv Group is on a mission to change stigmas and stereotypes while producing top-notch, safe cannabis products.

The Milestone: A Testament to AirROS’s Efficacy

Now, let’s talk about the big milestone. Primitiv Group recently achieved eighteen “none detected” lab results for mold and yeast in cannabis. But here’s the kicker: this achievement isn’t just a pat on the back for Primitiv Group; it’s a testament to the efficacy of AirROS by SAGE Industrial’s technology. These results highlight the necessity of AirROS systems for any cannabis cultivation facility serious about maintaining quality and safety standards.

Why AirROS by SAGE Industrial is a Game-Changer

So, what makes AirROS by SAGE Industrial such a game-changer? It all boils down to their cutting-edge Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) technology. By harnessing the power of ROS, AirROS systems can effectively eliminate environmental pathogens, including molds, yeasts, Aspergillus and Powdery Mildew. Plus, with real-time monitoring and management capabilities, cannabis cultivators have the dynamic control needed to uphold the strictest quality standards. In other words, AirROS is not just a luxury; it’s a must-have for pathogen-free cannabis cultivation.

The Urgent Message to the Cannabis Industry

The partnership between Primitiv Group and AirROS by SAGE Industrial sends a clear message to the cannabis industry. If you’re serious about achieving and maintaining pathogen-free indoor cultivation, AirROS technology is your golden ticket. Whether you’re a small-scale operation or a large-scale enterprise, investing in AirROS systems is a critical step toward elevating your quality control measures.

Future Prospects: Elevating Industry Standards

But wait, there’s more. This partnership for Primitiv Group and AirROS by SAGE Industrial is a game-changer for the entire cannabis industry. Setting new standard for quality and safety, that are paving the way for other companies to follow suit. With the right technology, cannabis companies can optimize their operations, maximizing efficiency and profitability.

In conclusion, the partnership between Primitiv Group and AirROS by SAGE Industrial marks a watershed moment for the cannabis industry. Pathogen-free indoor cultivation now within reach, companies aiming for the highest quality and safety standards must invest in AirROS systems. Ready to take your cannabis cultivation to the next level? Head over to Primitiv Group’s website and AirROS by SAGE Industrial’s website for more information.

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