Primitiv Group and AirROS by SAGE Industrial Sign Exclusive Deal

Primitiv Group


This week, cannabis industry leaders Primitiv Group announced that their co-founders Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims have signed a new exclusive deal with AirROS by SAGE Industrial. The agreement will allow the two companies to collaborate and share their passion for promoting health and wellness through plant-based solutions. Primitiv Group’s co-founders Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims are excited about this new partnership and the possibilities it opens up for their customers.

What is AirROS by SAGE Industrial?

SAGE Industrial is the manufacturer of AirROS surface and air purification systems. It is a cutting-edge technology utilizing ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)  for air and surface solutions for the food supply and cannabis industry. AirROS has a passion for protecting the world’s food supply, saving people from environmental pathogens and viruses, and promotion of health and wellness through plant-based solutions. It offers cultivators to prevent and reduce pathogens including powdery mildew, aspergillus, and botrytis. AirROS allows cultivators to monitor and manage the AirROS system and report data in real time on how the system is working. The AirROS system gives cultivators an opportunity to scale their business and increase their yields with less loss due to pathogens including mold plus odor control.

Who is Primitiv Group?

Primitiv Group is a forward-thinking company co-founded in 2021 by Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Calvin Johnson Jr., and Rob Sims. They are former NFL teammates that suffered from the long-term effects of the physical and mental punishment sustained during their playing careers. 

Primitiv is dedicated to the advancement of cannabis as a form of elevated wellness, believing that the plant holds incredible potential as a healing agent. 

Primitiv’s vision is to positively impact the global cannabis industry, changing stigmas and stereotypes by educating people about the plant’s benefits and producing innovative products that help people and athletes optimize their wellness through plant-based medicine. 

Why Primitiv Group Chose AirROS By SAGE Industrial?

Primitiv Group chose AirROS by SAGE Industrial because of its impressive capabilities. The system provides cannabis cultivators dynamic control that allows them to adjust the sanitation levels in the room with a single system. They were impressed by AirROS surface sanitization features which is the only industrial system on the market that can provide surface treatment. As a result, with the surface treatment, it can reduce cross-contamination in an entire grow room where the problem exists plant-to-plant. Additionally, AirROS provides the best customer service and helps customers throughout their entire  journey on optimizing for clean/safe products for their clients. With this partnership, Primitiv Group aims to provide its customers with maximum safety while continuing to deliver high quality products. 

The new exclusive agreement between Primitiv Group’s co-founders Calvin Johnson Jr. And Rob Sims along with AirROS by SAGE industrial is great news for customers looking to receive clean and safe quality products. This partnership enables Primitiv Group access to a comprehensive system of air and surface solutions for the cannabis industry which can help them optimize their operations while maximizing efficiency and profitability. This agreement marks an exciting moment in the cannabis industry as we move towards greater innovation!


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