Primitiv Group’s Victory: ‘Non-Detected Mold & Yeast’ with AirROS


Since their inception, Primitiv Group has been tirelessly devoted to innovation, quality, and the welfare of its customers. They have been pioneers in the cannabis industry, changing perceptions and setting new benchmarks for excellence. The recent partnership with AirROS by SAGE Industrial, a frontrunner in surface and air purification systems, was yet another stride in the same direction.

Who is Primitiv Group?

Primitiv Group is a forward-thinking company co-founded in 2021 by Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims. They are former NFL teammates who suffered from the long-term effects of the physical and mental punishment sustained during their playing careers. 

Primitiv is dedicated to advancing cannabis as a form of elevated wellness, believing the plant holds incredible potential as a healing agent. 

Primitiv’s vision is to positively impact the global cannabis industry, changing stigmas and stereotypes by educating people about the plant’s benefits and producing innovative products that help people and athletes optimize their wellness through plant-based medicine. 

Today, we are excited to share an outstanding milestone that Primitiv Group has achieved, which resonates with its constant pursuit of excellence.

Groundbreaking Lab Results

Primitiv Group has always been committed to delivering clean, safe, and top-quality products. Emphasizing the importance of quality control, they recently underwent rigorous lab testing. The results were beyond impressive. They received 4 “non-detected mold & yeast” results on their tests.

These results were no coincidence. They resulted from diligent planning, advanced technologies, and an uncompromising stance on quality.

How AirROS Contributed

AirROS Surface & Air Purification systems by SAGE Industrial were at the core of this accomplishment. These advanced systems are equipped with state-of-the-art features. By allowing Primitiv to control sanitation levels dynamically and offer surface treatment. As a result, this reduces cross-contamination in their entire cannabis cultivation facility.

The Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) technology used in AirROS systems is a breakthrough in eliminating environmental pathogens, including molds and yeasts. By integrating AirROS into their cultivation process, Primitiv Group was able to control odors and significantly reduce the loss due to harmful pathogens.

The real-time monitoring and management capabilities of the AirROS system further empowered Primitiv to maintain optimum conditions and adhere to the strictest quality standards.

A Strong Message to the Cannabis Industry

Primitiv Group’s co-founders, Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims, have once again demonstrated their relentless commitment. By to meeting and exceeding industry standards. The four “non-detected mold & yeast” results are a testament to Primitiv’s quality. This is a beacon for the entire cannabis industry, showing what is achievable with the right partnership, technology, and values.

Their choice of AirROS has proven to be a visionary decision. It illustrates that with the right technology and a relentless focus on excellence, cultivating clean and safe cannabis products is not just possible but can be done consistently and efficiently.

The Primitiv Group’s recent lab results mark a significant milestone in its quest for providing elevated wellness through cannabis. Their collaboration with AirROS has helped them achieve impressive lab results. This has strengthened their position as leaders in the cannabis industry.

This achievement is more than just a victory for Primitiv Group. This is  a step forward for the entire industry, highlighting the importance of technology, collaboration, and commitment to quality.

Customers looking to enjoy the best that cannabis offers can take comfort in knowing that Primitiv is at the forefront. Constantly working to ensure they receive the cleanest and safest quality products.

The journey of Primitiv Group, their association with AirROS, and these remarkable lab results. Shows as an inspiring example of what can be accomplished through innovation, partnership, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.


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