AirROS by SAGE Industrial

Industrial Surface & Air Purification Solutions for Cannabis Growers

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  • We are able to provide installation in California of new systems


  • We are able to provide activation worldwide of customer installed systems


  • We are able to repair and service our purification systems worldwide.

  • We also can service legacy equipment from AirOcare, Ingersoll Rand EMS, Hussmann EMS, and OXYION.


  • We are able to provide regular maintenance on our purification systems worldwide.

  • We offer system check-up, one-time maintenance, continuing maintenance contracts, and all our work and parts used are under full warranty for 6 months.

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Maintenance normally includes:

One set of standard service parts to make purifiers operational

  • System Check for purifiers

  • Change of Sensor head(s)

  • Replacement of Reaction Chamber set(s)

  • Test existing power supplies

  • Installation of new filters

  • Labor / Travel time for visit

  • Room and system calibration

  • Telephone support

  • Retrain maintenance personnel as required

  • 6 month warranty

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Organic & Sustainable

Organic & Sustainable

Recyclable Consumables

Recyclable Consumables

Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions