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Another satisfied Cultivator “Great experience with the staff on my recent order with the AirRos 4004CS purifier. Michael in sales helped me find the right purifier for my room that would adequately work with the cubic feet area I needed to purify. I received my order in less time than I expected.

Charles ,in tech support ,has been greatly helpful in where and how to install the unit. He has been quick to respond to any calls I have needed to help me through any questions I have had.

The unit that I bought has really made a difference in the growth of my plants and overall atmosphere of the room.

Great customer service and great equipment.”

“I wanted to write something that AirROS as a company deserves and more importantly the staff they have. So I was new to the grow “Cannabis” world about 2 years ago. A gentleman that was helping me get my room set up suggested a couple different companies that offered a machine to protect the grow from getting Mold and Mildew. My first call was to AirROS and spoke to Michael. We spent some time talking about the advantages of the machine and how it worked. What really sold me was the ability to keep the smell down in the grow. That was important to me because of where I live, I didn’t want my house to consistently smell of Cannabis.

  My First 3 harvest went great with zero signs of PM. When I got to my forth harvest everything was going great for the first 5 weeks, then BOOM. The PM came into play. I was more disappointed then Mad at AirROS. I had just spent a nice part of my start up on a machine that was supposed to protect the plants from encountering this. So I reach out to AirROS and they were happy to help with the situation until I felt it was resolved. From diagnosing what caused the PM to sending me what I needed to resolve. I actually went through another harvest ( which I must say the team at Sage picked up the phone or responded to a text. That included on weekends where I did not expect a reply) fighting PM until I realized how much the machine was really helping. If I would of shut that machine off, I would of had a real mess. I only know that because pictures a friend sent me to show how fast PM can take over a room.
 Charles and Brian were the two technicians that helped. What they explained to me is that the machine is not designed for a cure all for keeping the room mold free. We had spoke about several causes of PM and several ways rooms get PM to begin with. Without going into the boring stuff I highly suggest a unit for the protection of any grow investment. Whether your like me with just a home grow or a commercial grow. I would suggest reaching out to one of the Staff at AirROS and learn as much as you can before putting your first plant in the room.
Thanks Again Team Sage.”

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We’re co-owners of Primitiv. It’s been a pleasure to have AirRos by SAGE in our grow. We’ve had four non-detect tests for yeast and mold. It’s a MUST HAVE!”

– Calvin Johnson Jr. & Rob Sims

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“What’s shakin folks! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, I had some grow room issues. I had to do some upgrades to my flower room(environmental issues). I was dealing with Powdery Mildew and no matter what I tried the stuff just would not die. I came to the conclusion that sprays are just a temporary band-aid and never really correct the problem. I had a really bad experience using sulfur (killed 80% of my plants) from using it to often. Stuff scares me so I won’t use it again lol. I was clueless that the spores can actually enter the plant through the stomata’s and then release those spores back into the environment and “Boom” spotted PM on the leaves and branches. I was looking for something that could kill the spores not only in the Air but on the surface of the plant. There are a lot of companies that make purification systems but they’re not all equal! 99% of the units I looked into only kill the spores entering the unit and really don’t do anything as far as sanitation in the room or the plant surface. I found a company called @airrosbysage that does exactly what I was looking for, it’s an air to surface sanitizer and works Amazing! The fella I worked with from start to finish was @kevinmiller_airrosbysage this guy seriously knows his stuff! There customer service is on another level as well, not only are they extremely knowledgeable in air purification but in all things grow room related. Seriously good folks! I haven’t seen any PM growth at all with my temperature being at 75 degrees and RH at 65% – 67% which puts my VPD at around 1.04 which I’ve never been able to achieve due to having to run my RH at 40% to limit mold growth (Plants suffered). Needless to say I’m extremely happy I pulled the trigger and incorporated it into my area. It was a Big purchase but in the long run I’m so happy I went this route. Figured I’d share in case anyone else has been or is currently suffering with this issue. Hope everyone is having a Fantastic day🤘” – Mathew Collins

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