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We’re co-owners of Primitiv. It’s been a pleasure to have AirRos by SAGE in our grow. We’ve had four non-detect tests for yeast and mold. It’s a MUST HAVE!”

– Calvin Johnson Jr. & Rob Sims

“I wanted to write something that AirROS as a company deserves and more importantly the staff they have. So I was new to the grow “Cannabis” world about 2 years ago. A gentleman that was helping me get my room set up suggested a couple different companies that offered a machine to protect the grow from getting Mold and Mildew. My first call was to AirROS and spoke to Michael. We spent some time talking about the advantages of the machine and how it worked. What really sold me was the ability to keep the smell down in the grow. That was important to me because of where I live, I didn’t want my house to consistently smell of Cannabis.

  My First 3 harvest went great with zero signs of PM. When I got to my forth harvest everything was going great for the first 5 weeks, then BOOM. The PM came into play. I was more disappointed then Mad at AirROS. I had just spent a nice part of my start up on a machine that was supposed to protect the plants from encountering this. So I reach out to AirROS and they were happy to help with the situation until I felt it was resolved. From diagnosing what caused the PM to sending me what I needed to resolve. I actually went through another harvest ( which I must say the team at Sage picked up the phone or responded to a text. That included on weekends where I did not expect a reply) fighting PM until I realized how much the machine was really helping. If I would of shut that machine off, I would of had a real mess. I only know that because pictures a friend sent me to show how fast PM can take over a room.

Charles and Brian were the two technicians that helped. What they explained to me is that the machine is not designed for a cure all for keeping the room mold free. We had spoke about several causes of PM and several ways rooms get PM to begin with. Without going into the boring stuff I highly suggest a unit for the protection of any grow investment. Whether your like me with just a home grow or a commercial grow. I would suggest reaching out to one of the Staff at AirROS and learn as much as you can before putting your first plant in the room.

Thanks Again Team Sage!”

“Great experience with the staff on my recent order with the AirRos 4004CS purifier. Michael in sales helped me find the right purifier for my room that would adequately work with the cubic feet area I needed to purify. I received my order in less time than I expected.

Charles, in tech support, has been greatly helpful in where and how to install the unit. He has been quick to respond to any calls I have needed to help me through any questions I have had.

The unit that I bought has really made a difference in the growth of my plants and overall atmosphere of the room.

Great customer service and great equipment.”

We are still working on the installation of the units but I wanted to share some quick feedback regarding odor mitigation. Our electrician prematurely plugged in three units and when our Director of Cultivation noticed this the following morning, he said there was absolutely no cannabis smell in our largest flower room. This means these units were more effective than our currently installed Carbon Filters and UV/Ozone units. This is a great testament to their efficacy for odor mitigation and we look forward to this benefit in the future.”

– Alex Huerta Director Of Operations of Denver Greens

“The AirRos in our facility have eliminated 100-99 percent of the smell it’s been one of the best investments for our company. Not only does it control the smell it helps with pathogens and helps with testing. Thank you guys for all your hard work looking forward to seeing new and improved systems in the future.

– Leo Torres from Funkmasterz

I just wanted to touch base regarding our AirROS units. As an update since we last spoke, all of our rooms have now passed validation for microbials. This is important for not only the safety of the consumer but also lowers costs of goods sold dramatically as I’m sure you are aware testing is quite pricey. The main benefit beyond that however is how effective these units are at combating odors. Local municipalities have rules in place to where no smell can be detectable from anywhere near your property line where we are located. Repercussions are severe for violations so we take this seriously. We no longer have to use carbon filtration as those were more a bandage versus a solution anyway. If I had to give it a number I would say we’re somewhere near 95% reduction with some areas of the building interior being completely undetectable. Thanks again for making a great product and being helpful along the way

– Phil Gist Cultivator from Hobby Farms

Our local township wanted us to use expensive carbon filters and we changed their minds.  We’ve been using AirRos for over a year and it has controlled the odor.  There are no smells outside the building and odor is not an issue at our cultivation.

– John Jones Cultivator from Havi Consortium-Cultivation

My name is Aaron Hlavaty, President of Compound HQ LLC. We had entered the Cannabis Industry in 2018 with a basic buildout. Our grow room, even during late flower did not give off an odor you would expect walking into a fully flowering room when using the AirROS system. Instead, it just smelled neutral, or after a fresh chamber/air filter change out, it smelled like a new hotel room. The system is very easy to use, and maintenance is a 5 minute ordeal as far as changing out the chamber and air filter when needed.  5 stars.

– Aaron Hlavalty Preseident of Compound HQ LLC

We found this product while looking for solutions to powdery mildew. We run a science based organic living soil grow so many products are unavailable to us as we like to refrain from many of the chemical products on the market. After speaking with Rich Thompson who was extremely patient and ran me through the science behind ROS and answered many other questions we decided that this product was right for us. We installed the unit without any trouble and Rich and Charles walked me through how to set it up and program it. We immediately saw a reduction in PM even though we were late in our flowering cycle. This literally saved our crop that we would have had to send for extraction. A bonus for us was that it completely removed the smell of cannabis from our room and the surrounding area. Although smell was not an issue for our particular area this would come in handy in a highly populated place as to not disturb the neighbors or call attention to a grow. The initial investment can be a little high to begin with but the peace of mind and the fact that we do not have to spray anything additional to the crop raising humidity is amazing. After the purchase the maintenance turns out to be around $200 a month. We will definitely be purchasing another AirROS for our propagation and processing rooms as well. Couldn’t be happier with the product and the customer service is outstanding. Even replying on the weekends to questions leaves you with a great feeling and knowledge that they really stand behind their product and want you to succeed. Thanks for everything!

– Adam Herschel, Cultivator from Humble Skunk

We have been using AirROS since January of 2023. Since the installation, our odor mitigation protocol has decreased substantially. Prior to running AirRos we were using carbon filtration throughout the facility to help aid in any odor escaping the building. It did a decent job, but the odor still lingered on occasion. Since the introduction of the AirRos we have moved away from carbon filtration and solely rely on AirRos. The odor that escapes the building is virtually no longer present.

– Brandon, Head Cultivator from Primitiv Group

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