Air Sanitation System For Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew is A Problem in the Cannabis Industry

Powdery Mildew can be a common problem for cannabis cultivators, significantly growing plants under artificial lights. This fungus eats away at your plant’s leaves and causes damage that you need to look out for. You want to try and prevent Powdery Mildew from happening to your plants in the first place and make sure the grow room is always clean.

In most cases, fungal can be treated with a fungicide spray, but prevention and a clean environment are always better than treatment. If you believe that you have a situation where this fungus is invading you, it’s essential to take action quickly and stop it before it gets out of hand.


The benefits of an Air Sanitation System

Cannabis plants are susceptible to mold and Mildew, especially if you have a poorly ventilated indoor grow room. One of the most effective ways to prevent these problems is by making sure your air is clean and free of spores. In addition, if you supply your plants with adequate oxygen, it will be easy for them to fight off any mold that might try to start growing on your leaves.

If you have a problem with mold or Mildew, then one of the first things you should do is check your air quality and see if there are humidity issues. If the air in your grow room is dry while at the same time being clean, then it’s going to be tough for mold to start to grow.

If you use an air sanitation system in your indoor grow, then it will remove excess moisture from the air and make sure that you have clean and fresh air circulating through your grow room at all times. So an air sanitation system is something that you are going to want in your grow room.


The Importance of Airflow

A vital thing that you can do to protect your plants from powdery mildew spreading is to increase airflow in the room with an air sanitation install. Air purification systems are essential because this fungus spreads by moving spores from leaf to leaf, so with better airflow, it will stop the spores from traveling around and infect other leaves of your plant with air sanitation installed.


Competitive Technology

If you are browsing around on the type of air sanitation that would be the best fit for your cannabis grow room to help you keep your room clean, click below to watch a video of each one to learn more about the technology and how it works.

The Most Effective Commercial Air & Surface Sanitation System

AirROS is a chemical-free (made in the USA) purification system to prevent pathogens. AirROS uses Reactive Oxygen Species technology to help prevent costly fungal diseases:

  • Pathogens, mold, (powdery Mildew) bacteria, viruses
  • Provide odor control
  • It uses NO harmful chemicals
  • Its energy-efficient
  • Helps Pass Compliance Testing
  • Provides Clean Air

If you would like to learn more about AirROS commercial air and surface sanitation systems and how they can protect your grow and would like a free quote for your facility, schedule a call here.

Resources For Powdery Mildew Prevention and Pathogens Control

Here are some other resources for cannabis growers that want to learn more methods in growing cannabis and prevent pathogens:

The 420 growersclub is also a great resource to learn how to grow high-quality cannabis.

The 420 magazine is also an excellent chat forum for any questions you may have about growing cannabis. is another great cannabis forum to ask any questions you may have, and other growers will give you the best advice from their experience.

Growroom 420 is another excellent cannabis forum to learn from other growers and what methods they are using.


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