Provide Clean Air in Your Cannabis Grow Room Without Air Filters

When cultivating cannabis, maintaining a clean and controlled environment is essential for ensuring healthy plant growth and maximizing yield. Traditionally, growers have relied on air filters to remove contaminants and odors from their grow rooms. However, there are innovative solutions that can provide even better results without the limitations of standard air filters. One such solution is the AirROS surface and air purification system, which utilizes cutting-edge Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) technology to sanitize grow rooms effectively.

The Limitations of Traditional Air Filters in Cannabis Grow Rooms

Traditional air filters, including HEPA filters and carbon scrubbers, are commonly used in cannabis grow rooms to manage air quality. These systems work by trapping particles and odors as air passes through them. However, there are several drawbacks to this approach:

  1. Efficiency and Coverage: Air filters can only clean the air that passes through them, which can leave significant amounts of air untreated, especially in larger or irregularly shaped rooms.
  2. Maintenance and Cost: Filters require regular replacement and maintenance, which can be costly over time. Additionally, clogged filters can reduce efficiency and increase energy consumption.
  3. Speed of Purification: Depending on the air turnover rate within a grow room, it can take considerable time for all the air to pass through filters, delaying the removal of harmful contaminants.

Introducing AirROS: Advanced Purification with ROS Technology

The AirROS system is a superior alternative to traditional air filtration methods, designed specifically for environments requiring the highest standards of cleanliness. Utilizing Reactive Oxygen Species technology, AirROS produces safe, low levels of ozone at 20 parts per billion (ppb) and dry hydrogen peroxide in the gas phase. This combination is highly effective in sanitizing air and surfaces throughout the entire room.

Air Disinfection for botrytis in cannabis

Key Benefits of AirROS for Cannabis Grow Rooms

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The ROS technology ensures that sanitizer molecules reach every corner of the grow room, offering more uniform and effective treatment compared to traditional filters.
  • Continuous Sanitization: By continuously producing low levels of ozone and hydrogen peroxide, AirROS provides ongoing purification, crucial for preventing the buildup of pathogens and odors.
  • Low Maintenance: The system requires minimal maintenance and no filter replacements, significantly reducing long-term operational costs.
  • Eco-friendly and Safe: AirROS not only reduces the need for chemical sanitizers but also operates safely within the recommended levels of ozone output, ensuring a safe environment for both the plants and personnel.

Why Choose AirROS Over Traditional Air Filters?

Opting for the AirROS system means choosing a state-of-the-art solution that enhances the cleanliness and safety of your cannabis cultivation environment. The unique properties of ROS technology allow for a level of air and surface purity that traditional filters cannot match, leading to healthier plants and more abundant yields. Moreover, the reduction in cross-contamination risks is a significant advantage for maintaining the overall quality and consistency of your cannabis products.

While traditional air filters have been a common feature in cannabis grow rooms, the limitations they bring are considerable. The AirROS surface and air purification system offers a superior alternative, providing comprehensive, effective, and efficient sanitization without the constraints of conventional air filtering technologies. For growers looking to enhance their cultivation environment, reduce costs, and improve plant health, AirROS represents a smart investment.

Ready to take your cannabis grow room to the next level of cleanliness and efficiency? Contact us today to learn more about how the AirROS surface and air purification system can transform your cultivation environment. Say goodbye to traditional air filters and hello to a cleaner, healthier future with AirROS!



Q: How does the AirROS technology differ from traditional air filters for cannabis grow rooms?

A: Unlike traditional air filters that rely on air passing through a filter, AirROS uses Reactive Oxygen Species technology to produce low levels of ozone and hydrogen peroxide, which sanitize the air and surfaces throughout the entire room, not just where air circulates through a filter.

Q: Is the ozone level produced by the AirROS system safe for my cannabis plants and grow room?

A: Yes, the AirROS system produces ozone at a safe level of 20 ppb, well within safety standards for both plants and humans. This ensures effective sanitation without harming your cannabis plants or posing health risks, making it an excellent alternative to traditional air filters for grow rooms.

Q: Can AirROS handle all types of contaminants typically managed by air filters in cannabis grow rooms?

A: Absolutely. AirROS is highly effective against a wide range of airborne and surface contaminants, including odors, mold, bacteria, and viruses. It provides a comprehensive sanitation solution, surpassing what traditional air filters can achieve in grow rooms.

Q: What maintenance does the AirROS system require compared to traditional air filters in grow rooms?

A: The AirROS system is designed for minimal maintenance, requiring no regular filter changes. This results in lower operational costs and less hands-on maintenance compared


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