Dan emailed us his experience, Below is the email that was sent to us…

“I am writing to give a brief review of my experience with SAGE Industrial and the AirROS 4028 series with controller. My wife and I grow craft cannabis in small batches for local dispensaries and clients in Western Maine. 

Over the years we have strived to provide only the highest quality “top shelf” cannabis. After all, it’s supposed to be medicine and there should be no question as to its quality and purity. Laboratory testing of cannabis became our gold standard…Let the paper do the talking. 

Unfortunately, due to powdery mildew and microscopic bacteria, we failed our first test miserably. This was disappointing especially after doing everything possible to keep all parts of the grow meticulously clean and treating plants regularly with store bought potions for PM.  However, we have had issues with the PM for years and weren’t too surprised. 

After doing the usual research on what the West coast does about similar problems, and speaking to a friend who also demands quality products backed by laboratory testing, we discovered SAGE Industrial 

A quick call to California and I had Brian Taylor, one of the owners, patiently explaining the technology to me. He asked for dimensions and details of our grow. He explained how the AirROS units are sized very specifically not just for the volume of space but also for the amount of potential contaminants in the space. I think he spent an hour with me on the phone. Shortly after that, Kevin Miller from sales sent me my requested quote. 

A week or so later I was installing the AirROS unit. This one plugged into a 110v outlet and hung on the wall with 4 big screws. It’s heavy but a doable install alone. The diffusion sock I stretched across the ceiling and hung with provided zip ties…. Easy. The controller is mounted on the other end of the room and has a wire that goes back to the AirROS unit… Easy

The first plants into the room were already infected with visible PM and who knows what else on a microscopic level. I cleaned as much off as possible with potions and plain water weekly or more. 

The AirROS unit stays on 24/7 doing its thing. It honestly took me a couple weeks to get my controller under control to where the PPBs (parts per billion) needed to be. Charles was my technician and helped immensely via text or calls whenever needed. It wasn’t complicated, just a new learning curve, which due to my business, is complicated. Stop laughing at me.  

We started to notice a difference in the spread of PM right away. Although It was still visible in some areas of the grow, it never really took off or spread like before. It never got “chunky” white powder in any area. I would describe it like the PM you see on zucchini plants, mild pale white film. It was still visible in corners away from fans until the cut down, despite treatments. We dried the crop in the flower room with the AirROS running the whole time (10 days 62F 60%H).  

I didn’t want to send a test due to continuing to see some PM in the final weeks of flower. Despite this, and after seeking Charles’s advice and subsequent recommendation, I sent off a sample to the lab just to see where we were in relation to our previous test. Holy #$&+ we actually passed with flying colors!!! No microbials or PM were detected at all!  Of course, I chose a sample from a plant with no visible PM, and used a glove and scissor both soaked and air dried in grain alcohol before dropping the sample into a sterile cup. Still, I’m very happy with that test! 

My last comments have to do with the current grow. I reset my flower room 3 weeks ago with 125 new plants from the (untreated) veg room.  For the first time in many years, I can honestly say I see no PM at all. I have not sprayed potions (despite Charles telling me to continue spraying…which I probably will). I have not done anything except fans, AirROS, and temperature/ humidity control. I have also noticed a complete absence of all fungus gnats. 

The AirROS unit and the people at SAGE Technologies have truly given me the will to keep going with this project. I know I will sell my product with confidence, since it is not only beautiful and aromatic, it is backed by lab testing that shows no harmful mold, mildew, or any other microbes that can actually make your plants, you, and your clients potentially sick. 

Happy growing,

Dan and Wendy Dillon

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Woodstock, Maine” 

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