Commercial Air Purifiers vs. Residential Air Purifiers

Whether you use a commercial air purifier or a residential system to keep your grow room’s air clean, regular maintenance is still required. Commercial systems are often more effective than residential models, especially in larger spaces, but it depends on the brand and model you choose. In this blog, we will go over the difference between commercial air purifiers vs. residential air purifiers.


What is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier is a device that uses filters to remove contaminants and impurities from the air. Air cleaning devices can be as small as a small box or electronic equipment or as large as an entire room or building. Depending on the models, air filter machines may only clean the indoor air in one room; however, larger air purifiers can clean the entire building. Air purification machines are sometimes called HEPA air filters. There are many types of Air Purifiers, some only an air filter, which collects contaminants, while others can remove pathogens that enter the purifier, and even others that can sanitize surfaces that the air touches.


What are residential air purifiers?

Air purifiers designed for home use are usually box-like devices that sit on a floor or tabletop. Residential air filtering machines remove dust, pollen, dander, and other large particulates from the indoor air. Air purifier filters need to be changed regularly, so they continue to work effectively over time. Models vary in size and level of filtration, so be sure to choose a filter for your needs. Heating, venting, and air conditioning systems may produce airborne contaminants that need removing with an air purifier. Residential air purifiers are very limited to what they can do and are ineffective in large cannabis spaces. It is essential to know this is only effective for home usage if you are a home grower and growing as a hobby.


What are commercial air purifiers?

Commercial air purifiers are larger and more powerful than residential air filters. These units typically have a large fan that pulls in the surrounding air; they then filter out contaminants by electrostatic precipitation or prefiltering with HEPA filters. Commercial cleaners are designed to be installed permanently, unlike many residential air purifiers that can move from one room to another. Commercial air purifiers are effective if you have a cannabis facility with multiple rooms or ample space and plan to scale your cannabis business and protect your grow.


Finding The Best Commercial Air Purifier For Grow Rooms

Finding the best commercial air purifier for cannabis grow rooms can be time-consuming. The main concern to look at is the level of efficiency required by your indoor grow. When growing cannabis indoors, you want a commercial air purifier that will remove all unwanted mold (including powdery mildew), bacteria, viruses, and yeast floating around in your cannabis grow room. The best way to find a commercial air purifier is to make sure it can also surface and sanitize “long-distance” sanitization on all surfaces. So what you should be looking for is a commercial air and surface purifier.


Commercial Air and Surface Purifiers

AirROS is a commercial air and surface purifier that creates Reactive Oxygen Species and effectively reduces pathogens, mold (powdery mildew), bacteria, yeast, and viruses and provides odor control 24/7. AirROS is the most effective commercial purifier in the market right now.

We want to help you get your cannabis business up and running as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible. That’s why we offer free consultations for those who are interested in scaling their operation with an AirROS commercial air and surface purifier system. Contact us today if you have any questions about AirROS purification systems and how our team can help make your next grow room be protected from pathogens!


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