Defeating Cannabis Odor: How AirROS Purifier Revolutionizes Indoor Cultivation

cannabis odor

In indoor cannabis cultivation, mitigating strong and lingering odors has long perplexed growers. AirROS by SAGE Industrial Corp introduced a groundbreaking air and surface purification system in response. This comprehensive case study delves into the effectiveness of the AirROS purifier in tackling odors within an indoor cannabis grow facility. Intertox Inc., a highly-regarded scientific consultancy renowned for its odor evaluation and monitoring expertise, meticulously executed the study.

The world of indoor cannabis cultivation faces a double-edged challenge – nurturing the plants while effectively managing the pervasive and potent odors they emit. This has sparked a demand for innovative odor control solutions. AirROS purifier emerges as a game-changing technology, harnessing the power of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to neutralize odors, molds, and pathogens. The study aimed to critically evaluate the performance of this advanced purifier through three distinct sub-objectives:

Sub-Objective 1: 

Odor Intensity Dynamics Pre- and Post-Activation: This study employed meticulous measurements of odor intensity with the AirROS purifier deactivated and activated. The findings painted a vivid picture: in the absence of AirROS, odor intensity demonstrated erratic fluctuations, occasionally reaching uncomfortably high levels. However, with the activation of the AirROS purifier, there was a consistent and notable reduction in odor intensity. Remarkably, the purifier achieved an impressive 93% reduction in the intensity of cannabis-related odors.

Sub-Objective 2: 

Charting the Trajectory of Odor Intensity Change: The analysis of the rate of change in odor intensity revealed a compelling narrative. Upon activating the AirROS cleaner, odor levels showed a swift decline. However, certain intricacies arising from the facility’s operational hours introduced complexities in accurately discerning the precise timeline of odor reduction.

Sub-Objective 3: 

Quantifying the Percent Odor Intensity Reduction Capability: Perhaps the most striking revelation of the study lies in the AirROS purifier’s capacity to reduce odor intensity by an astonishing 93% effectively. This percentage signifies the difference between the highest recorded odor intensity in the absence of the purifier and the lowest intensity measured while the cleaner was in operation.

The case study unequivocally underscores the efficacy of the AirROS purifier in combatting cannabis-related odors within the confines of an indoor cultivation environment. ROS-driven technology emerges as a formidable ally in addressing the complex and often an overwhelming issue of odors. This innovation holds significant promise for cannabis cultivators who aspire to cultivate discreet environments devoid of unwanted odors.

Demystifying the Findings: Imagine cultivating cannabis indoors, only to find that the distinct aroma permeates the surroundings. Enter AirROS – a revolutionary air and surface cleaner. A panel of experts undertook a rigorous evaluation, unearthing some remarkable outcomes:

  1. From Before to After In the absence of AirROS, the intensity of odors exhibited wild fluctuations, at times becoming overpowering. However, once AirROS was in operation, a consistent decline in odor intensity was evident, transforming the ambiance into a more pleasant one.
  2. Swift Odor Abatement: With the activation of AirROS, the reduction in odor intensity was swift and striking. However, the facility’s operational hours introduced challenges in precisely gauging the odor reduction rate.
  3. Remarkable Odor Reduction: The standout finding was AirROS’s capacity to diminish cannabis-related odors by a remarkable 93% substantially. This translates to transitioning from strong and lingering odors to a significantly improved olfactory experience.

Key Takeaway: 

AirROS has not only demonstrated its prowess in odor management but also holds the potential to revolutionize the way indoor cannabis cultivation is conducted. It promises to address a fundamental challenge that has long plagued growers and communities.

The Synergy of AirROS and Intertox: 

AirROS by SAGE exemplifies innovation in odor control. Their advanced purifier utilizes specialized oxygen to neutralize odors and eradicate germs. Intertox, a team of scientific minds, specializes in scrutinizing factors like scents to validate their efficacy. Their collaboration reinforces AirROS’s credibility and sheds light on the power of science and innovation in resolving real-world challenges. Together, they showcase how AirROS has the potential to redefine indoor cannabis cultivation by mitigating a crucial concern – odor management.

cannabis odor


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