How to Remove Cannabis Odor in Grow Rooms

Cannabis odor in grow rooms and greenhouses can be a big problem for cannabis growers and operators. Odors can cause complaints from neighbors, regulators and sometimes even result in the closure of your facility. This blog post discusses how to eliminate cannabis odors naturally, and without harming humans or plants, so you can keep doing what you love!


What is Cannabis odor?

Cannabis, like other plants, has an odor that can be earthy or sweet. The aroma comes from terpenes, which are also in other plants such as pine trees and citrus fruit, but when these compounds build up in your grow rooms or greenhouse, it could lead to an unpleasant odor! Again, this is because they give off chemical compounds called terpenes and terpenoids, and are responsible for the distinct smell.


How do activated carbon filters for grow rooms work?

Activated carbon filters are from coal, coconut, or shells. The activated carbon traps odors on the surface of its porous structure while releasing clean air on one side. As cannabis odor gets into an area with an activated carbon filter, adsorption occurs. These surfaces have a tremendous affinity for certain substances, so they absorb smells very efficiently.


Activated Carbon filters for grow rooms and Greenhouses.

Carbon filters for cannabis can be effective for small home growers. However, It’s also not always possible to use carbon filters for grow rooms in smaller spaces with limited ventilation or limited mounting access. In addition, large facilities with multiple cannabis grow rooms and greenhouses can be challenging to eliminate most of the cannabis odor with activated carbon filters due to the quantity required to deal with the strong potency in the air.


AirROS Air & Surface Purifiers For Grow Rooms

AirROS systems utilize and create ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) to prevent and reduce pathogens, bacteria, molds (BOTRYTIS, POWDERY MILDEW), cross-contamination, and odor control. ROS is an organic solution to kill pathogens and eliminate odor. The ROS destroys the VOC molecule by breaking the carbon bonds therefore eliminating the odor.

Our purifiers provide effective odor control, clean surfaces, and air in cannabis facilities such as greenhouses, flower rooms, cloning rooms, growing areas, drying/trim processing areas. We also make portable options for transport or as the job requires.

Within 3-5 minutes of turning on the system, you will start to smell the clean sanitized smell replacing the cannabis odor. It is safe to use, and it does not affect terpenes, potency, or flavor profiles.


Activated Carbon filters vs. AirROS Air & Surface Purifiers

Let’s compare these two systems and see what the benefits of each one are.

AirROS is a 3-in-1 system:

  • Destroys the odor 
  • Purifies the air – all of it.
  • Defends against cross-contamination – stops mold spread
  • Sanitize all surfaces the air touches
  • Low power consumption

AirROS is an excellent system for medium to large-size facilities that need to provide a significant amount of odor control, prevent and reduce pathogens at the same time 24/7.

Activated Carbon Filters

  • Provides odor reduction by capturing odor
  • High consumable cost
  • High power consumption

These are great cheap products for home growers or hobbyists growers. It can be effective if you have a small room but are not at all effective in killing pathogens as the AirROS system does.

The smell of cannabis plants is a common complaint in legal grow operations. Cannabis growers can use activated carbon filters for odor elimination, but AirROS systems are more effective at removing the odor from growing areas. Activated carbon will help remove odors like marijuana smoke or cooking that might be lingering in your home after you’ve cooked something smelly. But if you want to eliminate cannabis smell in medium to large size grow rooms and facilities, make sure you contact one of our SAGE specialists by scheduling a call or visit our contact page.


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