Ionizers For Grow Rooms: How Do Ionizers Work?

An ionizer is one of the many different options for a device used to clean and purify the air quality in cannabis grow rooms, processing, or facilities. The primary purpose behind an ionizer is to help with cleaning the air quality within your facility. Ionizers air purifiers can be produced in several different ways, which will vary by the type of ionizer. Ionizers produce negative ions that attach to other particles in the air and cause them to stick together. The ionizer, when turned on will clean your air of dust, smoke, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and mold spores. The problem with these devices in cannabis facilities is that they are limited to purify the air. They don’t clean the entire environment, including surfaces in your facility. Below I will explain how ionizers work and control the air quality in your facility without wasting your hard-earned money.

How Do Ionizers Work?

Ionizers create an electrical charge that is then transferred to a fan, which emits negative and/or positive charged gas ions that use electricity to add a static charge to air molecules. That Charge causes the molecules to attach to dust and other airborne particles (may include some bacteria, mold, etc.). As it is attached to the dust and other bacteria it brings it down with its heavyweight to the SURFACES. What this means is that the particles and dust are no longer in the air but on the SURFACES. As a result, this does NOT DESTROY the dust and particles that were in the air so when you use an Ionizer make sure not to walk around the surfaces or ground where the dust and pathogens are because you will cause wind movement as you walk by and lift those particles back up in the air! 

Ionizers For Grow Rooms

For example, if you have multiple ionizers for grow rooms and have mold in the air, all it is going to do is produce electrical negative ions and attach to the mold in the air and drag it down to any surface which can potentially land on a surface of your leaf or soil which increases the chances of getting mold on surfaces. Also, some ionizers bring the air through its filter which collects some pathogens but, does not kill the pathogens. It is recommended to kill pathogens not collect them. 


How To Destroy Mold in a Cannabis Grow Room?

            AirROS Surface & Air Purifiers can destroy airborne particles and pathogens. The way AirROS Surface and air purifiers work is by utilizing and create ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). ROS are the sanitation/cleaning agents that prevent and destroy Molds, Viruses, and other Pathogens and control/eliminate Odor in the Air and Surfaces in two stages. As a result, you will have a dramatic reduction in pathogens in the air and surfaces.

Here is how the 2 stages are broken down in an AirROS surface and air purifier:

Phase 1- Primary Air Cleaning

The air from the environment containing microorganisms enters the purifier’s internal chamber. The reaction chamber makes a non-thermal plasma. This makes ROS, which is made up of 5 short-lived highly reactive oxygen species (atomic oxygen, singlet oxygen, hydroxyl radical, superoxide and peroxynitrite). These breakdown carbon-to-carbon bonds sanitize the air and destroy all bacteria, molds, viruses and other pathogens as they pass through the reaction chamber.


Phase 2- Secondary Surface & Air Cleaning

The purified air now diffused into the environment contains longer lived Reactive Oxygen Species (gas-phase H2O2- hydrogen peroxide, and low concentration levels of O3-ozone) that further sanitize room air and surfaces. Again, in addition to treating the ambient air as it passes through the reaction chamber, it uses the H2O2 and O3 diffused to the environment and creates Hydrogen Trioxide. This will further sanitize all Surfaces and control Odor, resulting in clean air and surfaces 24/7.

Ionizers for grow rooms are not the most effective way to go. If you are looking for an effective way to clean your cannabis grow room, whether it be a dispensary or cannabis facility, greenhouse, flower room, dry room, trim room, or another environment, there is no need to worry any longer. AirROS can provide the 24/7 protection that you have been missing! We use Reactive Oxygen Species to destroy pathogens (including powdery mildew) in the air and surfaces with our advanced systems, unlike ionizers that only collect pathogens and use ions to attract the particles to land on surfaces. This gives another reason why AirROS would work efficiently inside your cannabis grow room. To learn how this revolutionary technology works schedule a free consultation today!



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