Prevent Aspergillus Contamination On Cannabis

Aspergillus is a type of fungus that can be found in the environment and can cause serious health issues. It’s especially concerning for cannabis growers, as it can contaminate their crops and cause financial losses and potential health risks to customers. Fortunately, there are steps growers can take to protect their plants from aspergillus contamination. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Controlling Humidity Levels

One of the essential things growers can do to prevent aspergillus contamination is to keep the humidity levels in their grow rooms low. A good goal is keeping the relative humidity level between 40%-55% in the flowering stage would be ideal. If RH levels go above 70% for an extended period, then spores from aspergillus fungi may begin forming on the cannabis buds and leaves, leading to contamination. It’s also essential to ensure that your grow room is correctly ventilated with an oscillating fan so that air circulates throughout the space. This helps keep humidity down by providing that any moisture created during plant transpiration doesn’t build up in one area.

Maintaining Proper Sanitary Conditions

It’s also essential for growers to maintain proper sanitary conditions in their grow rooms if they want to avoid aspergillus contamination. This means regularly cleaning surfaces and equipment with hydrogen peroxide or another disinfectant, preventing contact between contaminated and clean items, and wearing gloves while handling items like soil or organic matter that may contain fungal spores. Additionally, using sterilized tools when harvesting, trimming, or pruning plants can help reduce the risk of aspergillus spores spreading throughout your grow room.

AirROS Prevents Aspergillus On Cannabis

AirROS air and surface cleaner is designed to significantly reduce the amount of aspergillus contamination on cannabis and other pathogens. This powerful disinfectant quickly cleans objects in minutes, killing harmful bacteria, including aspergillus. It reduces existing aspergillus on surfaces and in the air, and its regular use can also help prevent further contamination. As a result, AirROS can provide an extra layer of protection from airborne contaminants while helping maintain a pristine cannabis growth environment. With AirROS, prevention is key in combating Aspergillus contamination and safeguarding your cannabis crop.

Aspergillus is a common problem in many indoor environments. You can take several steps to prevent aspergillus growth, such as controlling humidity levels, maintaining proper sanitary conditions, and using an AirROS commercial air purifier. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about preventing aspergillus growth in your grow room or facility. Our team of experts would be happy to help you create a plan to keep your grow rooms free of this harmful fungus using AirROS commercial air purification systems.


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