Why Air Filters for Cannabis Grow Rooms Don’t Work


Cannabis growers are always searching for the most efficient ways to grow their cannabis like air filters for grow rooms. However, one of the biggest challenges cannabis growers face is keeping air quality up in their grow rooms. Cannabis plants need clean air to survive and produce buds, and when they don’t have it, they will start dying off or making less-potent buds. Air filters for grow rooms can help with this problem, but there’s a catch: air filters don’t work well in grow rooms. This blog post will go over why air filters for grow rooms don’t work and what type cannabis growers should be using instead.

Air Filters In Grow Rooms

Air filters remove air particles from the air. They often have a HEPA filter that traps particles like pollen, dust mites, and mold spores. These air filters use a mechanical filtration system to trap the air particles to their filter (they do not kill pathogens). The problem is that smaller size containments have a higher chance of escaping a HEPA filter. The mold and bacteria it does capture can multiply to more on the HEPA filter and be released back to the air.

Surface and Air Purifiers In Grow Rooms

The air in cannabis grow rooms can be contaminated with mold, bacteria, and other harmful substances. For this reason, a surface air purifier or an air purifier that is on ceilings cleans up the air quality. Surface & Air Purifiers take it one step further by releasing cleaning agents to sanitize surfaces to keep large amounts of pollutants out of your grow rooms’ air supply. They also use HEPA filters, but because these filters don’t contact surfaces as much as filter masks do, there isn’t any risk of them getting clogged up and letting larger molecules escape back into the growing area.

This image  below shows a customer using AirROS surface & air purification system instead of air filters.

ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) Technology

AirROS commercial surface and air purifiers are highly effective for grow rooms. AirROS creates and utilizes ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) to reduce pathogens, bacteria, molds (BOTRYTIS, POWDERY MILDEW), cross-contamination, and odor control. The ROS is organic, which means it doesn’t use chemicals. AirROS kills the pathogens whereas, air filtration systems capture pathogens only. Our purifiers clean surfaces and air in cannabis facilities such as: 

  • greenhouses 
  • Flower rooms 
  • cloning rooms 
  • growing areas 
  • drying/trim processing areas 
  • We also make portable options for transport 

If you’re looking for air purifiers to help clean your grow room, we recommend AirROS. They offer a surface and an air purifier that both kill pathogens instead of just capturing them like the traditional filtration systems on the market. This means they are more effective in cannabis grow rooms because it kills the mold before releasing back into the air where it can be inhaled by staff or damage your plants. We would love to hear about your current filter setup and discuss how AirROS could work better for you! Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts today.


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